Why does one use a mobile detailer?

  • Green Roots offers meticulous attention that each car deserves
  • Green Roots uses high grade of products with professional application
  • Green Roots saves you the customer time and worry
  • Green Roots is better for environment using less water and eco based products
  • Green Roots improves and maintains health of vehicle
  • Green Roots proper detailing is as important as an oil change
  • Green Roots protecting your investment
  • Green Roots paying for the experience that comes with a seasoned detailer goes hand and hand with the quality of detail comes from practice and research

Is the local car wash a good idea ?

  • Traveling to the wash and time to wash are both taking away from your busy day
  • Most local car washes • use recycled grey water which is not clean, still maintain minor dirt, which promote scratches
  • Tools and brushes used are rarely cleaned, therefore dirt transfers from one vehicle to another, which will guarantee scratches
  • Same wash for each vehicle

Will using a MD increase the value of my car ?

Yes, by detailing your cars interior and exterior, you are maximizing the value of your vehicle. Clean car makes us feel good. Car becomes inviting and fresh. portrays confidence and professionalism, most important, it attracts potential buyers. Most of all it protects your investment. By dressing key components of exterior and interior. Protection for exterior elements and contaminants by regular cleaning and waxing is maintained with regular cleaning. Protection of interior by regular attention to vacuuming dusting helps your car look and smell clean.

What is a clay bar?

Clay bar is an engineered resin compound that safly removes contaminants that grip and penetrate the clear coat of your vehicle. components including: Bug remains, Rail and brake dust, Road salt, Overspray, Industrial fallout, Acid rain deposits Tar, grease, and oil from the roadway, Bird droppings, Mineral deposits (from hard water)

What is oxidation

Oxidation comes in the form of white chalky or cloudy spots on exterior of vehicle. oxidation is the product of vehicle being exposed to the elements. which breaks down the molecular structure of paint. Maintaining regular detailing practices will prevent this.

What is included with an interior detail?

Depending on package an Interior detail includes: cleaning windows, vacuum, detail cup holders, cup holders, under seats, vents, clean doors jams, condition dash, deodorize, clean and shampoo seats/or clean and condition interior.

What is included in an exterior detail?

Depending on package, an exterior detail includes, water-less wash or traditional, clay bar, quick wax or premium wax applied with buffer, premium polish applied with buffer, machine compound. applied with buffer. dress trim, dress tires.

What does it mean to protect a vehicle?

The most important aspect of detailing is protecting vehicle from elements. exterior: paint health is like your skin, it protects whats underneath. removing oxidation, minor scratches, and swirl marks with compound, bring out the vehicles true shine with polish, and finally applying a wax to seal the polish and protect surface from environmental elements, contaminants and oxidation. Detailed interior eliminates odors, protects surfaces from cracking and discoloration. adds comfort. Regular cleaning of tires prevents cracking of sidewalls, also adding luster. Engine bay cleaning improves the life of rubber hoses and silicone components while greatly improves appearance and resale value.

Are you licensed and insured ?

We are licensed and insured for our safety, as well as the piece of mind it offers to you.

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